No Church Services or Activites

Posted on March 18, 2020.

All church services, AWANA, Sunday School groups, and meetings are cancelled for the week of March 22.  Church offices will continue to be open on their regular schedule during the week.


During this time we encourage you to do the following things...


1)  Keep up with your 2020 Bible reading plan (or use this down time to catch up if you are behind!!!).  The readings for the week of March 22 are posted on the front rotating banner of our website and on our Facebook group.


2)  Check in on at least 3 people every day.  Make a phone call or send a text to your church family.  Watch after the elderly people God has placed in your life and serve them.  God has blessed us and we are to love our neighbors during this time as always!


3)  Sunday morning there will be a video Bible study posted on our Facebook page and we encourage you to check it out.  Click here for a link to our Facebook page.


4)  Contact Pastor Mark or your deacons if we can serve you in any way during this time.